Research Projects

We offer research projects and Summer/Internship Programmes for the students. The students have the freedom to select their research topics and can discuss the feasibility of the project with the allotted mentors of the Institution. Each student will be given a novel research topic to work and support will be rendered for publication. The research areas from which the students can chose includes:

Molecular Docking

If you have a protein, ligand or a novel compound in hand we help you out with the Active site detection, Screening of ligand libraries, Design a target-ligand complex and study its Docking mechanisms. The results coupled with the analysis and interpretations made by our in silico team would help you to speed up your research.

Epitope prediction and analysis
SNP Analysis
Drug Design
Machine Learning
Quantum Chemistry
Sequence analysis
Molecular Modelling

We at Decode’ Life Science help you to build reliable tertiary protein structures with the provided primary amino acid sequences or would carefully work to translate the genetic codes into its amino acid sequence and would then build a 3D model using Homology / Abinitio / Threading as per the customer’s requirements.