Basic invitro applications such as anti-bacterial and anti-cancer studies will be supported by our company. We will help clients to screen your compounds with basic protocols and experiments related to in vitro microbiology, cup plate / disc plate method, MIC / MBC etc. Also we support in vitro molecular biology related experiments like cytotoxicity assays (MTT / SRB etc), flow cytometry, DNA / RNA isolation, PCR, RT PCR, protein gene expression, western blotting, anti-oxidant, anti-cancer studies etc.

We viagra kosten also provide guidance & support for promising compounds for in vivo animal studies, study protocol design and experiments (clients are expected to have animal ethical clearance certificate). Further we also can guide clients to proper channel for formulation & development support, pharmacokinetics / pharmacodynamics studies support & guidance, technology transfer support & clinical studies entry, phase trials guidance & support.